• Aeysha Salvant has joined the FDA’s Tampa Office as an Accounting Assistant.
  • Patty Christie, PE, has been promoted to Traffic Service Group Manager in the Tampa office.
  • Doug Williams, PE, PTOE, now serves as Project Manager and Chief Traffic Engineer in the Tampa Traffic Group.
  • Logan Barile, PE, has joined the FDA’s Tampa Highway & Drainage group as Highway Services Manager/Project Manager.
  • Jessica Trim has joined the FDA’s Tampa Office as an Administrative Assistant.
  • Nick Spatola, PE, PTOE, has graduated from the 2019 Florida Engineering Leadership Institute (FELI) program.
  • I-75/SR 93 from the Broward County Line to the Toll Booth in Collier County, FDOT District 1 – FDA was selected for this 49 mile 3R project on Alligator Alley. The primary purpose is to extend the service life of the pavement, improve safety, and decrease emergency response times by adjusting the median crossover locations.
  • John Ramon, EI, has joined FDA’s Tampa Traffic Group as a Junior Engineer.
  • Continuing Services Contract for Traffic Operations, FDOT District 5 – FDA was awarded the renewal of this task work order driven contract for conducting traffic operational/safety studies and plans preparation. The study recommendations and traffic designs from this five-year contract will help keep District 5’s roads operating safely and efficiently for all users.
  • Congratulations to Sarah Wright, PE, for being promoted to Project Manager in the Tampa Highway and Drainage Group!
  • FDA has been ranked on one of the Zweig Group’s award programs to recognize and celebrate top AEC industry firms. We are proud to be included on the 2019 Best Firms to Work For list!
  • John Gallman has passed the Florida Professional Engineer exam.
  • District-Wide Traffic Engineering Design, District 7 – FDA was reselected for the five-year, task work order contract to support the Traffic Design Office with safe and cost effective traffic engineering services. Assignments include design plans, technical specifications, traffic engineering studies, conceptual design plans, recommendations, and review of traffic plans and reports.
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Phase III Design/Build, District 5 – FDA, teamed with Traffic Control Devices, has been selected for the project which will design, procure, install, integrate, and test a TSP system on a series of intersections in Orange and Osceola Counties. Our integrated solution requires coordination between FDOT, LYNX, local agencies, and transit users.
  • Continuing Services Traffic Studies, District 1 – FDA was awarded the renewal of this task work order driven contract to provide safety and operational improvements that benefit the motoring public and multi-modal users. The study recommendations from this five-year contract will reduce fatalities and relieve congestion on corridors and intersections throughout District 1.
  • Naje Habachi, EI, has joined FDA in the Maitland office as an Integrated Corridor Management Operations Analyst for the FDOT District 5 Regional Traffic Management Center.
  • Katherine Ospina has been promoted to Billing Coordinator. She will manage client invoices and maintain project files. Katherine will also provide support for the timely collection of accounts receivables and assist in providing management with financial reports.
  • Arisse Caba has passed the Florida Professional Engineer exam.

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